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Don't you think it would be easier if we built it where we wanted it?

John has spent over 30 year
performing Christian Concerts at
nursing homes. He does guest solo
work on request.(love offering)

Mainframes or PC's make no difference.
Thirty-five years as a Computer Science
Analyst speaks for itself.

Notice the play on words. Tearing
things down and carting them away or
building things up are both practical

Capable of minor electrical work.

Disclaimer: Not licensed or insured

John will never tell you a job is too
big or too small. He does almost
everything with hand or power tools
and gives free estimates.

John has both a pickup truck and
utility trailer. Perfect for hauling just
about anything.

Living in a mobile home himself has
made John capable of almost any
mobile home repair.

Mowing using a hand mower and trimmer ONLY.
-free estimates-

Hand painting ONLY.
Sorry, no stilts.

Capable of minor plumbing work.

Disclaimer: Not licensed or insured

John prides himself designing web
pages, writing HTML, programming
cgi forms using PERL, etc., and will
train to maintain (hourly rates).

Hand tools ONLY. Stilts or sheetrock
lifts would have to be rented at your expense.

Hand tools ONLY. Stilts would have
to be rented at your expense.

If a tree can be felled, John is your man.
However, he no longer climbs.

Disclaimer: Not licensed or insured

We're speaking about hedges here.
Electrical power must be available.

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Christian Concerts
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Mobile Home Repair
Tree Removal
Web Design