John has written numerous songs. The following 
             are two of his favorites...

      Praise My Triune God

Father, I'm likened to you,
Your Word attests that you created me,
May I strive to know You more,
Love your name and be joyful in thee

   I'll sing praise to you each day I live,
   Praise to my living triune God,
   In Thee oh Lord, I put my trust,
   And sing forth the honor of Your name.

Jesus, through You I'm righteous,
Upon Calvary's tree, my fee for sin is paid,
May I live for you each day,
My wants be in Your will I pray    (chorus)

Spirit, You live within me, 
E'er since the day my heart's door opened wide,
I seat You upon the throne,
Constantly fill and strengthen me  (chorus)

     What Will You Do With Your Life

When I was a child, I heard of His love for me,
How He came down to earth one day,
To die on a cross for me,
And as I began to trust Him, 
He rewarded my faith with His own,
Then I really promised to do His will,
And made my heart His throne.

   What will you do with your life?
   Soon it will all be gone!
   Give your life to Jesus,
   Some day He'll take you home.
   What will you do with your life?

Look ahead toward His promises,
He'll bless you every day.
Open His book when you need Him most,
And all your doubts just fade away.
So you pray a little longer,
Your faith keeps gettin' stronger,
Keeping the Lord on your mind,
And the best thing that He's promised us,
He's coming back sometime!   (chorus)